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Christina Torode, News Director, Published: 11 Oct 2012

This is the first installment of a three-part series on IT business services development and the business value of IT. In this first article, CIOs share their approach to creating business services and tell how these services boosted revenue and built stronger relationships with customers. When a new market opportunity presents itself or an organization has to adjust its business model to change with the times, the CIO has the best seat in the house to make things happen. The CIO and the IT department have a view of the processes across all the business units and departments at a detailed level. IT knows the technologies on which IT business services and underlying business processes are built. This insider knowledge puts CIOs in a prime position to help the business develop new internally and externally facing services. The insight that's often missing, however, is business knowledge -- how an employee in sales interacts with customers, or what information customers need to help them grow and, in turn, help your business grow. When Ed Bell joined the ... Access >>>

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