Cutting edge tutorials for the Indian CIO


Cutting edge tutorials for the Indian CIO has put together an exhaustive list of resources for technology leadership, planning, IT budgeting management and IT governance requirements. Vendor selection advice and outsourcing related resources are also part of these tutorials. Our experts have put together a vast array of knowledge pools to ensure that you, the Indian CIO, is always ahead of the game.

Two-Way Street (A dual executive conversation)

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IT Vendor Selection and OutsourcingTutorials

Fast Track: IT chargeback management tips and turnoffs

IT chargeback management may seem simple: allow users to see what IT services cost and bill business units directly for the services they use. The reality is that there’s more than meets the eye on this front. For example, IT chargebacks can lead to dissention between business units due to the accompanying transparency. This tutorial conducts a comprehensive evaluation of IT chargeback management’s usefulness, a necessity as cloud computing starts to assume a pervasive presence in Indian organizations.

CIO Briefing: Enterprise data center management guide for CIOs

Data centers and their associated management needs have only increased over the years. To add to the existing complexity, newer FUD terms like cloud computing make life even more difficult for the CIO’s need to accurately gauge this critical element of IT infrastructure. This CIO Briefing explores how IT executives have to weigh their options during attempts to consolidate data centers, select between public and private clouds, as well as assess the ROI of owning versus renting data center space.

This was first published in February 2011